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5 things to do when a tenant stops paying rent July 13, 2021

Posted on 07 Dec 2018
By Kevin Eichenberger

So You Haven’t Received Any Rental Payments In A While, What Should You Do?

A tenant’s failure to pay rental could be due to financial constraints, so the first reasonable step would be to provide the tenant with a written demand for payment. Lawyers like Alfred Chong advise beginning with a formal notice – by registered mail, or even by an instant messaging service (as long as proof of delivery and receipt can be documented).

According to Alfred Chong, this demand for payment can be combined with an eviction notice providing a grace period of one month for the tenant to vacate the premises.

Instead of pursuing potentially lengthy and costly litigation to recover rental and evict a tenant, Alfred Chong recommends attempting to reach common ground, “The parties should sit down with a neutral mediator to reach a compromise. Once a common ground can be found, the parties involved can find solutions.”

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